Use it or Lose it! Longevity Fitness training for health and wellness.

Longevity classes are only open to CrossFit Punta Gorda members over 60. Longevity classes are designed and scaled for members who would prefer to train within their own peer group. These classes are programmed to increase fitness through functional exercises, while focusing on the goal of prolonged independence through increased strength, stamina, and coordination. Longevity classes are coached by a professional fitness trainer and offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 am. Since our opening in 2013, our members have seen tremendous improvements in their health, fitness and overall well-being.

See for yourself! To try a FREE Longevity Fitness Class, please come to CrossFit Punta Gorda on Monday Wednesday or Friday at 8 am. Wear exercise clothes and a smile!

Questions?  Email     Longevity Membership: $95 per month